About Valid Network

Valid Network was built on the understanding that Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology) has the potential to change how we do business globally and have a huge impact on our day to day life. We founded Valid Network with the mission to become the enablers of faster adoption of blockchain technology for our customers. Our blockchain security platform is the world’s first and most comprehensive solution for securing, assuring and enabling decentralized applications.

Valid Network Leadership

Kfir Nissan, Founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur, and a techie at heart Kfir has 20 years of experience in enterprise IT leadership and architecture. Kfir holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science. In his spare time Kfir loves to give back to the community and support early stage entrepreneurs.

Gilad Eisenberger, Founder & CTO

An awards winning security geek with 10 years of experience in enterprise security. He is a Microsoft veteran with extensive experience in developing and leading development projects. Gilad holds a B.Sc. In Software Engineering from the Technion.

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