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minimize risk while maximizing speed and productivity

Integration with decentralized protocols

Extensive resources have been invested inorder to integrate multiple protocols such as Ethereum, Quorum, Tron, HyperLedger Fabric and more.

Behavioral intelligence and analytics

Transactions recorded across nodes, are examined to detect abnormal behaviors and potential threats. Risk scores for each transaction are continually calculated to identify suspicious situations that merit special enforcement and investigation.

Extensible security services

A modular security service can be deployed according to specified needs and maturity level of the organization implementation.


Dynamic is the new Static

In a decentralized world, where perimeter-less is the new frontier and Identity and access management are sort of a riddle minimizing risk becomes a real challenge.

Software security starts with the very first lines developed all through understanding the source code impact on transaction execution.

Valid automated proprietary static and dynamic analysis are the new gate keepers.

The most comprehensive vulnerabilities coverage

Supporting best practices from the community, continuously updating the vulnerabilities repositories and building proprietary test for identified non common issues.

On–code mitigation

Empowering your developers to continuously mitigate through industry best practices. Valid mitigation engine doesn’t leave your developers hanging with identified vulnerability but also provides, best in class, mitigation recommendation that save time and frustration.

Configurable rule-based engine

The power of achieving perfection is in your development organization hands by adding custom built rules to support unique patterns and minimizing false positive.

Protection Automation

Vulnerability Management

Valid scans your source code automatically from your code repos for known Vulnerabilities, Behaviors, Code coverage and opensource licensing. Based on a constantly updated stream of aggregate sources (CVEs, community contribution and proprietary research), we ensure up-to-date, broad coverage while minimizing false positives that often occur when using only a single source.

Any of the parameters can be used to build better quality and assurance policies that prevent code from exposing your applications to abuse and your clients to unneeded losses.

Runtime Protection

Valid detects untrusted behaviors in real-time, and ensures that transactions are trustful, preventing any anomalies to repeat, minimizing risk and enabling governance.

You can monitor and control transactions activity in real time, based on custom policies and machine-learned behavioral profiles. Alert on suspicious activities and processes without killing or pausing business process, ensuring business continuity for your critical applications.


Continuous Automated Auditing

Development teams are rapidly updating their code repositories, hence, logging and scanning those changes for vulnerabilities should be part of your teams daily culture.

Automated risk assessment

Valid risk assessment software tool utilizes recognizable industry standards and best practices to calculate risk at each steps of your decentralized application life cycle. This includes a quantitative analysis of Probability, Consequence and Vulnerability. Recommendations are based on industry best practices and risk management principles.

Time machine compliance

Analyzing the past and preparing your business application for internal and external audits requires heavy resources. Valid’s time machine stores all of your history audits ready for extraction and investigation with a click of a button.

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